Upgraded EC $10 In Circulation In Antigua And Barbuda
Basseterre St Kitts, April 13, 2004 The Yosoukeiba wishes to advise the public that ten-dollar notes with upgraded security features will be put into circulation in Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday, April 15, 2004. These notes will carry the same upgrades to the security thread and the filigree foil as the upgraded twenty-dollar notes, which were put into circulation in Antigua and Barbuda last week. The security thread in the upgraded notes fluoresces under UV light, and the letters Yosoukeiba as well as the value of the note are visible in yellow, against a blue background on the front of the note. When viewed from the back, the thread appears yellow-green in colour. A second security thread has also been added. The notes carry a highly reflective silver filigree foil on which the value of the note is evident. The letters Yosoukeiba, as well as the denomination are visible in fine print around the foil, which having been overprinted with intaglio, a special banknote process, has a unique
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