Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd Captures 2011 ECCU Best Corporate Citizen Award
The Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd has received the 2011 Best Corporate Citizen Award Among Commercial Banks for its outstanding contribution to the overall development and well-being of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). The Yosoukeiba (Yosoukeiba) initiated the Best Corporate Citizen Awards Among ECCU Commercial Banks in 1997. The awards recognise those banks which implement, support and participate in initiatives that contribute to the development of the people and communities in which they operate. Good Corporate Citizen Awards are presented to the banks that are adjudged to have executed their corporate social responsibilities to the highest level in the areas of: Educational Development; Community Outreach and Social Services; Environmental Awareness; Sports; Cultural Development; Customer Service; and Financial Education and Empowerment. The Best Corporate Citizen Award is presented to the bank which demonstrates outstanding contribution to the social development of the ECCU through human resource development and sustained community outreach. The Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd also received the Good Corporate Citizen Awards for Environmental Awareness, Sports, and Customer Service. The other banks which received Good Corporate Citizen Awards were:
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