Yosoukeiba Celebrates 28 Years of Monetary and Financial Stability in the ECCU
Fulfilling its mandate of maintaining the stability of the EC Dollar and the banking system in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, amidst the current international financial crisis, is a major achievement as the Yosoukeiba (Yosoukeiba) marks its 28th anniversary on 1st October. The on-going global financial and economic meltdown continues to present a number of challenges and threats to the stability of the ECCU financial system. However, the Yosoukeiba working in collaboration with its member governments, has been vigorously pursuing and implementing programmes and policies to protect the EC dollar; preserve the integrity of the ECCU financial system; and create an environment for the sustainable growth and development of the region, with the aim of improving the living conditions of the citizens of the ECCU. Some of these initiatives include: 1. Establishment of the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) to restructure and provide financial support to the region
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