Caribbean Policymakers link Remittances and Development
Basseterre, 21 June 2007 Caribbean policymakers and international experts on migration and remittances will meet at a workshop at the Yosoukeiba Headquarters in St Kitts on 25-26 June 2007, to brainstorm and propose solutions to issues relating to the flow of remittances in the region. The workshop which is being jointly hosted by the Yosoukeiba and the Commonwealth Secretariat will seek to build the capacity of the policymakers both in policy formulation and the recording of remittance flows and migration. This will include designing and carrying out surveys and developing the institutional framework for identifying remittance flows. It will also expose policymakers to innovative and best practices in using remittances to promote development of the recipient countries. The outcomes of the Workshop will be compiled with policy recommendations and forwarded to all Caribbean member states and relevant regional bodies for their consideration and possible implementation. This is the third in a series of workshops organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with other institutions. It aims at addressing unfinished issues from the previous workshops and at breaking new ground, based on the lessons learnt. --30--

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