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Currency [0]/Explanatory TextG5Explanatory Text %0 : Followed Hyperlink 1Good;Good  a%2 Heading 1G Heading 1 I}%O3 Heading 2G Heading 2 I}%?4 Heading 3G Heading 3 I}%235 Heading 49 Heading 4 I}%6( Hyperlink 7InputuInput ̙ ??v% 8 Linked CellK Linked Cell }% 9NeutralANeutral  e%"Normal :Noteb Note   ;OutputwOutput  ???%????????? ???<$Percent =Title1Title I}% >TotalMTotal %OO? Warning Text? Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`G\November 2018 auctionsiAntigua and Barbuda Commonwealth of Dominica>GrenadaISt Kitts and Nevisp Saint Lucia%St Vincent and the Grenadines_xlfn.COUNTIFSa|c  ISSUE AMOUNT SUBSCRIPTIONS No. of BIDSBond10 years91 daysT. bill365 days5 years6 years Bond US$7 years VCB240603 VCB250703 VCB200803 VCB260903 VCB281003 VCB211103 VCB301203 VCB290104 VCB240204 VCB060404 VCB030504 VCB280504 VCB150704 VCB100904 VCB181004 VCB161104 VCB141204 VCB190105 VCB170205 VCB210305 VCB220405 VCB230505 VCB220605 VCB260705 VCB240805 VCB230905 VCB271005 VCB251105 VCB271205 VCB300106 VCB280206 VCB300306 VCB030506 VCB010606 VCB030706 VCB040806 VCB050906 VCB041006 VCB091106 VCB071206 VCB050107 KNG101112 VCG100814 VCG100816 LCB190105 LCB060505 LCB110206 LCB160506 LCB190507 LCB250707 LCG100714 LCN230709 LCG101114 LCG061110 LCN141010 LCG101015 LCG100116 LCG100816 LCB220706 GDB160704 GDB180204 GDB130705 GDB130706 GDB120707 AGB150606 AGB200706 AGB170806 AGB180906 AGB231006 AGB201106 AGB211206 FAG070713 AGN280711 AGB240107TRADING SYMBOL INSTRUMENT VCB120207 AGB210207 VCB120307 AGB230307 VCB100407 AGB270407 VCB160507 AGB250507 VCB140607 AGB260607 VCB120707 AGB310707 VCB170807 LCB220807 AGB290807 VCB170907 AGB270907 GDB160708180 days VCB181007 LCB2301082 years AGB011107 LCB231107 VCB201107 AGB291107 VCB201207 VCG100917 AGB311207 GDN041012 GDB071008 FLG101017 AGB040208 LCG101117 LCG101017 VCB210208 LCB260208 AGB030308 VCB240308 AGB040408 LCG100118 VCB230408 LCB230708 AGB070508 VCB260508 LCB290508 AGB040608 AGB080708 VCB250608 VCB240708 AGB080808 VCB270808 LCB010908 AGB050908 VCB260908 LCN090713 AGB091008 GDB160709 LCB210109 VCB271008 LCG100718 AGB111108 VCB281108 LCB031208 AGB091208 LCB121208 VCB301208 GDB091009 AGB130109 VCB280109 AGB120209 VCB030309 LCB060309 AGB120309 LCB170309 VCB070409 AGB160409 VCB010509 AGB180509 VCB040609 LCB090609 VCB070316 AGB170609 LCB180609 VCB090709 VCB0316AA AGB200709 VCB050809 VCB0316AB AGB190809 VCB070909 LCB100909 AGB180909 LCB210909 NVB240610 VCB121009 GDB200710 AGB211009 LCB200110 LCG060715 VCB061109 LCB210814 VCB091209 LCB141209 AGB221209 LCB231209 GDB131010 VCB130110 AGB220110 VCB090210 AGB250310 FLG061215 LCB170310 LCB290310 GDB011210 VCB120310 VCB160410 LCB210710 AGB270410 VCB130510 FLG060216 VCB1606108 years LCB180610 AGB280610 LCG0318AA LCB300610 VCB200710 VCB160810 VCB170910 LCB210910 NVB240611 LCB011010 GDB200711 LCB190111 VCB211010 LCG080718 VCB171110 LCB231210 VCB221210 LCB050111 GDB131011 FLN151013 LCN1510133 years VCB240111 VCB180211 LCN291115 FLN291115 GDB011211 VCB240311 LCB300311 LCB080411 LCB200711 VCB270411 VCB240511 VCB280611 LCB010711 GDB050711 LCB120711 VCB290711 GDB030811 LCB220709 VCB250811 NVB230612 VCB290911 LCB041011 GDB051011 LCB131011 GDB190712 LCB180112 AGN280716 AGG100721 VCB281011 GDB041111 VCB281111 VCB301211 LCB050112 GDB090112 GDB121012 LCB160112 VCB310112 GDB070212 VCB290212 GDB301112 AGB130612 GDB110412 LCB090412 LCB180412 VCB050412 LCB180712 VCB030512 GDB100512 DMB280512 VCB010612 LCG080320 LCG100322 LCB110712 VCB110712 GDB130712 LCB200712 VCG100422 VCB070812 GDB130812 DMB290812 VCB040912 AGB121212 NVB220613 AGB050113 LCB121012 VCB121012 GDB151012 GDB190713 LCB160113 LCB231012 VCB081112 GDB151112 AGB211112 DMB301112 VCB061212 AGB110313 LCG071019 GDB121013 VCB150113 LCB150113 GDB170113 LCB240113 LCN2910164 years VCB110213 AGB131113 DMG051117 GDB180213 AGB031213 GDB301113 DMB050313 VCB110313 LCG101222 GDB180413 VCB180413 LCB170713 LCB230413 LCB290413 LCG100223 VCB150513 GDB200513 LCG060219 DMB060613 VCB120613 AGB100913 VCG100323 LCG070320 GDB180713 VCB220713 LCB250713 LCB310713 GDB160813 VCB160813 DMB090913 VCB130913 LCB270614 AGB280614 LCG080721 GDB171013 GDB190714 LCB180114 VCB231013 LCB281013 FAG070720 LCB061113 GDB151113 VCB191113 AGN060916 DMB111213 VCB181213 FAG100923 AGB091014 GDB111014 GDB160114 LCG061019 VCB240114 LCB290114 LCB070214 AGB120514 GDB140214 VCB200214 GDB291114 AGB010614 DMB140314 AGG051218 VCB210314 GDB170414 LCB200714 FAG070121 VCB290414 LCB020514 LCB130514 GDB160514 AGB200215 VCB260514 DMB170614 VCB240614 GDB170714 VCB300714 LCB060814 AGB081114 LCB140814 GDB150814 LCG100524 VCB270814 AGB261114 DMB180914 VCB250914 AGB270615 LCB281214 GDB161014 GDB180715 LCB170115 LCG15072915 Years VCN240717 DMG050719 VCB301014 LCB071114 GDB141114 LCB171114 VCB070821 VCB281114 LCN250819 FLN010916 DMB231214 VCB291214 AGB091015 GDB101015 GDB150115 LCB180415 VCB020215 AGB060515 LCB100215 GDB130215 LCB180215 LCG101124 AGB250515 GDB281115 VCB020315 DMB250315 LCB280615 VCB310315 LCB190715 GDB170415 VCB050515 LCB140515 GDB150515 LCB220515 DMG050220 AGB260216 VCB030615 DMB260615 VCB010715 GDB170715 LCB181015 VCB060815 AGB081115 LCB170815 GDB170815 LCB260815 AGB251115 VCB070915 DMB290915 AGB010716 VCB021015 LCB281215 GDB161015 GDB160716 LCB190116 VCB091115 GDB131115 LCB181115 LCB271115 VCB081215 AGN280917 DMB311215 VCB050116 GDB081016 GDB150116 AGB151016 LCB170416 LCN301020 VCN061118 VCB100216 AGB100516 GDB120216 LCB190216 GDB261116 AGB290516 LCB020316 FLN031220 LCN041220 VCB110316 FLG061221 LCB270616 DMB060416 VCB070416 GDB190416 LCB190716 LCG100226 VCB130516 GDB160516 FLG060222 LCB250516 AGB010317 LCB030616 VCB130616 DMB070716 VCB110716 LCB161016 GDB190716ISSUER AUCTION DATENevis Island Administration,REGIONAL GOVERNMENT SECURITIES MARKET (RGSM) AGB161116 AGB271116 AGB060717 DMB111016 GDB211016 GDB210717 GDB180816 LCB280816 LCB170117 LCB261216 LCB060916 VCB121016 VCB140916TERMALLOTTED AMOUNTGov't of GrenadaGov't of Antigua and BarbudaGov't of St Kitts and NevisGov't of Saint Lucia&Gov't of St Vincent and the GrenadinesYIELD VCB171116 LCB291116 GDB211116 LCB081216 AGN140919 VCB151216 GDB111017 GDB240117 DMB120117 VCB130117 LCB160417 AGB201017 AGB170517 AGB280517 GDB301117 GDB220217 LCB020317 VCB200217 LCB130317 LCB270617 VCB210317 LCB180717 DMB190417 GDB260517 GDB270417 VCB240517 VCB180417 VCB220617 LCB140617 LCB050617 AGB070318 DMB210717 VCB200717 GDB190717 LCB161017 AGB280418 GDB030817 VCG070524 AGB191117 VCB250817 GDB290817 AGB291117 VCB250917 LCB060917 LCB150917 LCB261217 AGB130718 DMB251017 GDB210718 LCB160118 VCB231017%Gov't of the Commonwealth of Dominica FAN030822 GDB061117 LCB060218 VCB281117 VCB271217 LCB081217 LCB191217 AGN031019 AGB241018 DMB310118 GDB111018 FLG071024 LCG101027 LCB160418 VCB240118 AGB101118 AGB200518 DMG051122 GDB070218 GDB301118 LCG071124 VCB010318 GDB050318 AGB030618 VCB300318 LCB130318 LCB220318 LCB270618 LCG100128 LCB100718 VCB270418 DMB040518 LCB070818 GDN090220 GDB05061892 days LCB140618 LCB260618 VCB040618 AGB090319 AGG100428 LCG070425 LCB151018 VCB050718 VCB310718 DMB080818 AGB030519 AGB181118 AGB021218 VCB050918 LCB170918 LCB261218 LCB270918 GDB060918 AGB190719 GDB240719 LCG080826 LCB150119 VCB081018 AGB240819 DMB091118 LCG100828 LCB050219 VCB021118 GDB101218 LCB201218 VCB071218 AGB261019 LCB020119 LCB150419 VCB090119 GDB1510193Securities Issued during the month of November 2018as at 30 November 2018 VCB050219 VCG081126 VCG101128 DMB120219 AGB141119 AGB200519t9 9j:|::t<;;4;\<<T=|==zB>>7>_??W@@@w?AA7A_BBW C }C Cu =D D3 D [E ES F {F Fs ;G G3GYHHQIyIIq9JJ1JYKKQLyLLp8MM0MXNNPOxOOp8PP0PQ%QhRR^SSVT~TTvZUURVzVVr8WW0WXXXPcc*B T8  |ۈ  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?MB\\PRINTVMSVR.eccb-centralbank.dC odLetterDINU" | 8D  SMTJIUPH!x훿o@ǿNBP+3YPr$P5n) IդMʀ ; ,XHD`ik+g7iL.w{@q€BS4:O7:za`h1bi/vاJ3 B`!?XSXD9`R V+=ٺگbA8u܃y^ :˴Q !w'`̯DB& 0r}ĠmxMzGUOPۯMxz**RA1*}uaw`o3x/3Jƫ{{^ ,Wg)xe\dLvd:cQ}Wӿtx=ʍjczMOc+Bx%9Ch`ysn3W^mu3Ld9Mx]aa8/kqh lVV҃Cyײs\u׶fyӅ;75X}sߌ7߻̜.?-   wI'%.!hv4"d333333?333333?&<3U} $*_} _} m_} I_}  _} _} _} _}  _} I _} _  ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ^ G ` `X ` `Y `  ` `  ` `  `K Z)&Gov't of St Vincent and the GrenadinesKtZ VCG101128L4@ZKZBondKZ 10 yearsM^AZMcAZM—iAZK(@ Z Q@Z KZGov't of Antigua and BarbudaKtZ AGB200519L4@ZKZ T. billKiZ 180 daysMsAZMwAZMڵ|AZK5@ Z Q@Z KZGov't of Antigua and BarbudaKtZ AGB141119L 3@ZKZ T. billKiZ 365 daysM8lAZMsAZMIUvAZK6@ Z Q@Z KZ(%Gov't of the Commonwealth of DominicaKtZ DMB120219L3@ZKZ T. billKiZ 91 daysMsAZMsAZMm_|AZK1@ Z Q|?5^? 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